Employment Opportunities

The Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre is one of Missouri’s oldest professional regional theatres (AEA- LOA-LORT D).  In 1961, in an old Baptist church, the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre began entertaining audiences. Now, over a half a century later, The Lyceum continues to entertain audiences in a beautiful, historic setting. Located in the unique Village of Arrow Rock, Missouri, The Lyceum is now housed in a beautiful, intimate 416 seat theatre where Lyceum audiences truly are a part of the action. Each year, more than 33,000 patrons enjoy Broadway-caliber productions created by professional theatre artists carefully chosen from around the country.


Job Opportunities

House Manager, Seasonal – The house manager is responsible for ensuring that the audience has a safe, relaxed and pleasant experience at The Lyceum. Not only does this individual relate to the audience as a host, but he/she must also coordinate with the box office manager, stage manager, and ushers.

The house manager assumes control of “the front of the house” — this means the space beginning at the outside entrance to the theatre and extending to the foot of the stage. The house manager does a “walk through” of the theatre to verify that the house is clean and presentable for the audience. If there are signs or notices relevant to a particular show, the house manager makes sure those signs are in place.

Ushers review tickets and lead patrons to their seats. The house manager works with the Administrative Assistant on scheduling the ushers.  He/she trains, and supervises these ushers. This means making sure that ushers have a good sense of the seating map, so that they can lead patrons to their seats in the quickest possible way. Ushers must also be made familiar with the late-comers policy. The house manager makes sure that ushers have whatever supplies are needed to their job.

The house manager works closely with the box office manager. If there is a dispute about tickets — for example, if a patron mistakes the date on her ticket and shows up on the wrong night, or seating issue, the house manager helps resolve the situation. The house manager must make sure that the theatre is observing capacity limits and fire laws.

In addition to working with the box office manager, the house manager is in close contact with the stage manager. If there are latecomers, and a need to delay the start of the show, the house manager alerts the stage manager, who is managing the production as it happens. If some of the stage action takes place in and around where the audience is seated, the house manager makes sure that the aisles are clear of people’s feet or their belongings.

The house manager also supervises the concessions staff and assists with concession duties when necessary.

The house manager is typically the first person to arrive and the last person to leave the theatre.

Director of Marketing, Full-Time – The Marketing Director is responsible for leading the creation and implementation of all Theatre’s marketing efforts throughout the year relating to the core mission of The Lyceum Theatre.


  • Develop the annual marketing and printing budget and, once approved, managing departmental budgets, billing, and media agreements.
  • Solicit media sponsors on an annual basis: season sponsors, production sponsors, and special events sponsors (cash and trade)
  • Develop media sponsorship levels and benefits, execute contracts and invoices
  • Create and execute the Theatre’s yearly marketing and advertising plans; collaborate with Administrative Leadership on both message and promotional images used throughout the season
  • Write and manage the production of print ads, internet advertising, and radio and television commercials
  • Create the layout and manage the execution of printed marketing materials with company Graphic Designer and evaluate the most cost-effective avenues
  • Oversee the distribution of print materials throughout the region
  • Write and distribute all press releases and maintain all press contacts
  • Create and execute the Theatre’s E-News blasts.
  • Work closely with the Special Events Committee and Development Director on planning and execution of a variety of annual events throughout the year
  • Oversee all lobby digital signage.
  • Manage a variety of social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Manage and keep current the Lyceum’s website.


  • Appreciation of the value of the arts in the community
  • Relevant employment experience and training.
  • An individual who is articulate, aggressive, creative, goal-oriented and self-motivated.
  • Outstanding communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience with social media and internet marketing.

Send cover letter, resume, and writing samples to: bertanis@lyceumtheatre.org
For more information contact Managing Director, Steve Bertani, at 660-837-3311, Ext. 6102