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The 1970’s


By 1970 the Lyceum’s season included six productions all performed in repertory. Though the Lyceum toured on their off nights during the 60’s, the 1970’s saw the creation of a separate company who toured through neighboring communities while the Lyceum’s summer season was in operation.

1972 the Henry Swanson Hall (later known as the Lyceum Dorm) was built to house the 20-25 seasonal company members. The rustic style dormitory included twelve air-conditioned double rooms and a basement that provided both storage and a rehearsal hall. The dormitory cost $40,000 to construct.

During this time, the Missouri State Council on the Arts began funding the Lyceum and in 1977 the Lyceum was chosen as a project theatre by the Foundation for the Expansion and Development of American Professional Theater, to provide consulting services throughout the year.

The end of the 1970’s where also the end of an era at the Lyceum. In 1979, Henry Swanson retired from the Theatre and the board of directors began searching for a new Artistic Director to lead the theatre into the next decade.