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Jeffrey C. Wolf

Ten magical seasons with Quin & Steve! And now, a little Lyceum trivia: 1) In which show (over the last ten years) did Jeff wear a skin tight black turtleneck while delivering the line, “Yessssssssssss?” 2) Which of his shows lost power during a pivotal moment?  3) What was his very first show at the Lyceum in 2008? Answers: 1) The Producers, Carmen Ghia, with a full breath of air, this line took approximately 20 seconds to deliver. 2) Opening night, Act II, as Arthur dramatically struggled with burning Guinevere at the stake, the lights went down on Camelot…for twenty minutes. 3) Trick question! Actually 2007 was Jeff’s first season at the Lyceum in Sugar as Josephine, while wearing a dress and playing a saxophone. Yes, a bra was involved. Proud member: Actors’ Equity Association. Luv=kbs. www.jeffreyCwolf.com