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Nancy Dietz

Nancy is a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Columbia, Missouri, where she lives with her husband Rob Boullion. Nancy’s last musical stage venture was 40 years ago in Victor, New York, as the Evil Queen in a school musical about Cinderella. Projects since include The Columbia Jazz Orchestra, The Swing’n Axes, Jane Doe Revue—A Female Rock Orchestra, Jon Hockenbury Trio, Columbia Civic Orchestra, Banastre Tarleton Band, PsychoSis, Rhythm Plus One, Blue Harvey, Northeast Area Jazz Ensemble (Norfolk, NE), and Audubon Jazz Ensemble (Philadelphia, PA). She has performed with artists such as June Millington of Fanny, Tim Armacost, David Berkman, and Tom Bones Malone. Nancy has served as a pharmacist at Truman VA Hospital in Columbia since 2003. Thank you for your service, Veterans!