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Commerce Trust Company and TIG Advisors team up to help improve stage rigging at The Lyceum!


Commerce Trust Company and TIG Advisors team up to help improve stage rigging at The Lyceum!

Arrow Rock, MO – Though many audience members may be unaware of its existence, a critical component of The Lyceum’s productions is the stage rigging system.  It has two basic functions: to support the stage-lighting system and the stage scenery.

Also know as a fly system, it is a system of rope lines, pulleys, counterweights and related devices within the theatre that enables a stage crew to hoist quickly, quietly and safely components such as curtains, lights, scenery, special effects and sometimes people.  “Our audience sees the magic happen on stage, but they don’t necessarily know how it works.  Stage rigging is a key element to every production,” says Steve Bertani, Managing Director.

The safety and effectiveness of our equipment used onstage is something the theatre takes seriously.  “We may have nearly 100 lighting instruments weighing up to 35 pounds each, clamped to pipe batons in our rigging system.  In addition, stage curtains, painted backdrops and heavier framed scenic pieces are examples of the kinds of scenery raised and lowered by the rigging system.  There are both stationary and moving components that hang above the actors during a performance,” explains Quin Gresham, Producing Artistic Director.

Recently, The Lyceum called in Associated Theatrical Contractors from Springfield, MO to do its annual rigging inspection required by OSHA.  In their report, several items were recommended to be repaired or replaced, a project that is costing the theatre $10,000 to complete over a two year period.  Priority items are to be completed before the opening of the 2018 Season.

“It is our responsibility to maintain our system and make the necessary upgrades to ensure the safety of our employees,” Bertani says.

These types of projects can put a strain on the theatre’s annual operating budget so outside support is vital from companies like Commerce Trust Company and TIG Advisors to help achieve these projects.  Both companies supported a back-up generator project several years ago that now runs the entire theatre during power outages.

Bertani immediately contacted both companies to discuss the stage rigging improvement project.

“Commerce is a big supporter of the Lyceum Theatre and their mission to bring theatre to our region. We believe the arts are a key component to building a strong community, and we are proud to partner with The Lyceum in this effort,” says Steve Sowers, President, Commerce Bank Central and Eastern Missouri Region.

Representatives from both companies toured the theatre’s stage and backstage areas, allowing them to see first hand the rigging system and the improvements that needed to be made.

The TIG Advisors team (formerly The Insurance Group before re-branding), state they are most pleased to help The Lyceum with their stage rigging improvements.  “We enjoy and appreciate the productions and talent offered by this outstanding theatre,” comments Skip Grossnickle, TIG Advisors Partner.

“The Lyceum is a long-standing community asset, and we appreciate the work they’ve done to champion the arts locally,” shared Lyle Johnson, Market Executive, Commerce Trust Company, Central Missouri Region.

“These two businesses understand our practical needs and we are grateful for their generous support on these types of projects,” says Bertani.

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