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Ryan J. Zirngibl

Ryan has designed over 200 productions and held over 1000 production roles in his career. Lyceum guests have seen many of his designs over the last thirteen years. Career highlights include the Off-Broadway premier of Lucky Duck with composer Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls) and writers Bill Russell (Sideshow) and Jeffery Hatcher (Emma), a series of Puccini Operas for the Ukraine National Opera, scenic art on the Lionsgate film “You’re Next,” and the world premiere of Master and Margarita with Honorary Associate Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Barry Kyle and A-list screen writer Ron Hutchinson. Ryan is also a proud Co-Founder of Bellenwhissle Productions. Ryan would like to thank all the Production staff whose tireless work has made this production possible. It is an honor creating with each one of you! For more information, please visit www.ryanjzirngibl.com