Lyceum Backers


Lyceum Backers play a leading role in our success!

Back in 1961, the Lyceum opened its doors for the first time with a budget of $3,500. The season was comprised of only three productions and the plays were all performed in what is now the Lyceum’s lobby with patrons sitting in church pews. All of the sets were built and painted on the streets of Arrow Rock and the cast and crew were often housed in rundown buildings.
We’ve come a long way in 61 years! Patrons sit in 416 plush chairs instead of church pews. The beautiful sets are built and painted in our expansive Scene Shop behind the theatre and the cast and crew are housed in fully furnished dormitories.
Each year, 35,000 patrons travel to Arrow Rock to enjoy Broadway-caliber productions on the Lyceum stage. Yet ticket sales only account for about half of our annual operating budget. Annual gifts from a special group of patrons known as Lyceum Backers help us bridge the gap.
Last year, over 400 Backers helped bring amazing talent to Arrow Rock and to underwrite the costumes, lighting, sound, and scenic elements that make our shows so wonderful. In short, our Backers are what make the difference between good theatre and great theatre.

Lyceum Backers play a leading role in our success. Become a Backer today so that in another 60 years we can look back and once again say, “Look how far we’ve come!”

As a Lyceum Backer, your gift supports:

• Auditions in several cities to recruit the best performers from across the country.

• The creation of our beautiful sets,
props, and costumes.

• Housing and travel for the actors and crew.

• Renovations, repairs, and maintenance on the historic Lyceum property.

• General operating expenses.

For more information contact:
Thresa Berkley, Director of Development 660-837-3311, ext. 109
Contributions are fully tax deductible.

The Lyceum has been able to produce professional theatre in the Village of Arrow Rock for almost 60 years due to the support of our audience and our incredibly generous Lyceum Backers.

It continues to be our mission to produce Broadway-caliber theatre in the heart of mid-Missouri all the while keeping ticket prices affordable. In fact, ticket sales account for less than half of the cost to produce each season. The rest must come from corporations, foundations and individuals.

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization located in rural mid-Missouri, fundraising is very challenging. Now, more than ever, we turn to our patrons to make the difference and keep the curtain rising at the Lyceum Theatre.

We ask you to please consider becoming a Lyceum Backer. We offer many levels of giving from $50 on up to our elite Producers Society. Lyceum Backers receive several benefits including:

  • Advanced notice of upcoming shows and events
  • An invitation to the Season Announcement Party held every August
  • Recognition in each of our Production Programs

We accept memorials gifts and tributes as well. Click on the donate button below to be taken to an online donation form or you can mail  donations to Lyceum Theatre, Attn: Backers, P.O. Box 14, Arrow Rock, MO 65320 or call Thresa Berkley, Director of Development at 660-837-3311 ext. 6109.



Spotlight Producer
$10,000 & above

Executive Producer
$5,000 – $9,999

Lead Producer
$2,500 – $4,999

Featured Producer
$1,500 – $2,499

$1,000 – $1,499


$500 – $999

$250 – $499

Leading Player
$100 – $249

$50 – $99

We offer an online process for donations:


Please Mail Contributions To:

Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre
Lyceum Backers
P.O. Box 14
Arrow Rock, MO 65320