Producers Society

The Lyceum Theatre has created high quality, professional theatre in the heart of Missouri for 59 seasons.  Continuing this tradition takes generous support from very special individuals who are a part of our Producers Society.  Formed in 2004, this amazing group who, through their leadership giving, help keep this unique treasure in Arrow Rock alive.  Each year, members are able to participate in private donor parties at select homes to hear special announcements at the Lyceum.  We hope you consider joining our Producers Society and help keep the Lyceum alive for many years to come.

We are proud to give a standing ovation to recognize the following members of our Producers Society.

Executive Producer ($100,000 & above)
Stan & Kay Kuecker

STAR PRODUCER ($10,000-24,999)
Chet Breitwieser & Rod Starns
Peter Kingma & Thom Lambert
Beatrice Smith

LEAD PRODUCER ($5,000-$9,999)
Doug Anning & Kirk Isenhour
Doris Dixon
Douglas Drown
Dana Frink
Marilyn Gordon
Al & Anita Gosney
Gerald Hazelbauer & Linda Randall
Dr. Richard & Marti Hodge
Edward Millbank
David & Karen Rawlings
Vicki Russell
William & Jennifer True

FEATURED PRODUCER ($2,500-4,999)

Dr. John & Patricia Cowden
Joan D’Ambrose & Linda Detring
Greg & Kelly DeLine
Kathy Digges
Martha & Tom Fifer
John & Tricia Fletcher
Dave & Nancy Griggs
Jim & Marjorie Marberry
Michael McKenzie & Kari Floren
Lewis & Susan Miller
Larry & Judy Morris
Gary & Carol Smith
Barb & Rick Sommer
Jan & Gerald Summers
Joseph & Sharon Timmons
Terry & Dave Wollersheim
Ron & Judy Wood

PRODUCER ($1,500-2,499)

Roger & Ronnie Alewel
Page & Elizabeth Bellamy
Nancy Blossom
Joan Butcher
Nancy Tucker Cleaveland
Doug & Tricia Crews
Bryce & Helen Cripps
Dan & Nikki Fahnestock
Kee & Diana Groshong
John & Donna Huston
Brad & Brenda Jones
Susie Jones
Lynn Karlgaard
David & Chandra Keuhn
Turf & JoAnn Martin
Jim & Lisa Meyer
Cindy Newton
Lanny & Ann Patten
Carrie Peecher, D.O.
Don Richard & Craig Mudge
Mark & Stacey Thompson
Ellis & Christy Tuttle
Dick & Shannon Walls


Kathy Borgman
Mike & Janice Burnam
Charles & Pat Cooper
Jane C. Crow
Deborah Daniels
Rebecca Early
Jim & Gwen Gresham
Carla Haack
Ann R. Harris
Vaughn & Betty Hart
Susan Hazelwood
Nick & Leslie Huston
Percy & Bernadette Huston
Michael Kateman
Joy & Ben Kirchhoff
David Kirsten
Wallis & Nancy Landrum
Rich & Debbie Lawson
Steven Leach in memory of Cheryl Leach
Michael McKenzie & Kari Floren
Kathy McMurry
Jill Mitchell
Gloria & Conrad Moody
Elizabeth Musgrove
Russ & Monica Palmer
Paul & Kim Ratcliffe
Kevin & Pam Riggs
James & Carol Roller
Don & Jan Sartain
Denise Schisler
Katie Shannon
Ernest & Judith Smith
Donald & Pam Stouffer
Alice Swanson
Theodore Vivian & Steve Unland
Curt & Patricia Vogel
Jay & Rose Ward
Dr. & Mrs Alan R. Wessler
Lori Wightman
Ken & Melinda Wilks
Herb & Lynn Willbrand
Larry & Diana Willen
In memory of Tammy Oates
Harold & Sharon Williams